totes - totes Black and Gray Fiberglass Golf Umbrella

    totes Black and Gray Fiberglass Golf Umbrella

    Product #RS28BGR
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    totes Fiberglass Golf Umbrella

    Protect yourself on the course! This stick umbrella features an extra-large canopy to keep you dry, while its fiberglass shaft and ribs keep you safe. Canopy opens to a 60” arc. Manual operation.


    • totes golf stick umbrella
    • Manual operation
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Rubber tip ferrule
    • Length: 39 inches
    • Canopy Arc: 60 inches
    • Weight: 1 pound 6.5 ounces
    • Style: RS28

    Canopy Arc: 60 inches

    Canopy Arc: 60 inches


    Leave open to dry. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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    totes Lifetime Warranty

    With proper care, your totes umbrella should provide a lifetime of durable, reliable protection. totes offers a lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defect. If this umbrella should prove to be defective in materials or workmanship, or fails to function properly we will gladly replace it.

    How To Exercise Your totes Warranty: Please type the following information and return along with the umbrella and $5.00 US (per product) for postage and handling to the address shown below. We will gladly replace the umbrella with the currently manufactured umbrella most similar to the original one returned. Allow 4-6 weeks for return.

    Information To Be Included with Return:

    You must include typed service order information and defective umbrella with $5.00 US (per product)for us to be able to process your request.

    Service Order - Replace Defective Umbrella

    Please send replacement umbrella to the address below. I've enclosed $5.00 US (per product)for shipping and handling.

    1) Type the reason for umbrella return noting the defect

    2) Type your name, mailing address, daytime phone number, and email address

    Send service order with the umbrella and $5.00 US (per product) to:

    totes»ISOTONER Corporation
    Consumer Services
    9655 International Blvd.
    P.O. Box 465658
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45246