totes»ISOTONER® Corporation
Statement on Ohio Supreme Court Case Ruling

CINCINNATI, OH – September 1, 2009 – We at totes»ISOTONER are proud of our long history of supporting employees, their families, working mothers and all women in the workforce. In recent days following the ruling of the Ohio Supreme Court in favor of totes»ISOTONER, much has been written, blogged, e-mailed and discussed surrounding this case. What has been overlooked in many instances are the facts and policies that we at totes»ISOTONER wish to underscore and emphasize in an effort to create clarity and understanding for a more informed consumer.

In the case of this specific temporary employee, the employment decision in 2005 to terminate due to unauthorized work breaks has been supported and upheld by the Butler County (Ohio) Court of Common Pleas, the Ohio Court of Appeals for the 12th District, and the Ohio Supreme Court. As a matter of corporate policy and employee privacy, totes»ISOTONER does not provide specific information surrounding the employment circumstances of any employee – past, present or future.

totes»ISOTONER vigorously supports all employees, whether full-time, part-time or temporary. Because women account for approximately 70 percent of our workforce, we are very attune to and supportive of the needs of working and nursing mothers, and their families. Our policies, practices and programs include:

  • totes»ISOTONER has, does and will continue to provide work-place lactation support for all nursing mothers, including considerations for time, place and opportunity. Many nursing mothers have and continue to take advantage of these accommodations. In this particular case accommodations were in place and provided.
  • totes»ISOTONER offers flexible work schedules to accommodate individual and family needs.
  • totes»ISOTONER offers pregnancy and well-baby care for pre- and post-birth counseling.

As a responsible employer, we continue to review, evaluate, modify and introduce policies in keeping with the needs and desires employees expect from a leading and caring consumer company like totes»ISOTONER.

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