totes® Introduces Senz® Umbrellas with Minä Perhonen Designs
Senz Storm Umbrellas Withstand Winds Up to 70 MPH

CINCINNATI, OH. – February 8, 2010 - totes»ISOTONER, the world’s largest marketer of umbrellas, gloves, slippers and other weather-related accessories, added on their website new Senz Umbrellas in sophisticated Minä Perhonen prints as well as a crowd-pleasing new spring pink.

Minä Perhonen
Mina Perhonen was founded by Japanese visionary designer Akira Minagawa in 2003.  Minä Perhonen quickly became one of the most prestigious design labels in Japan, known for its timeless and classic designs.  Strongly influenced by Scandinavian design, Minä Perhonen is actually taken from the Finnish language; Minä means “I” and Perhonen means “butterfly.”

The Twig version, created by Minagawa, was designed with “ the hope of catching the arrows of light that come through the twigs and foliage when holding your umbrella.”  Understated and sharp, the Twig design combines nicely with the modern Senz umbrella styling. Perfect for anyone who appreciates subtle designs!

Rain Symphony, created by Keiko Tanaka, “came to life through the joyful sound of raindrops playing with the wind and splashing on your umbrella.”  This bright and lively design is perfect for batting away the doom and gloom of would-be naysayers on any rainy day.  Perfect for the woman who loves a splash of color and fun!

Minä Perhonen prints Twig and Rain Symphony are available in mini and Original sizes.
Enjoy all the new bold, bright, beautiful senz colors and prints! 

About Senz
The SENZ storm umbrella is the first aerodynamic umbrella. Due to its asymmetric design, the SENZ storm umbrella automatically finds the best position in the wind, making it comfortable and easy to use, even in strong gusts. The patented construction makes the umbrella windproof up to 70 MPH. Additionally, the umbrella will not invert. The specially shaped "eye savers" provide protection to dangerous tips and the aerodynamic shape of the umbrella gives the user an excellent view. The opening mechanism has been integrated into the handle, while the smooth oval shaft matches seamlessly with the umbrella's aerodynamic design.

Released in Europe in October 2006, the Senz umbrella has won multiple international design awards in the past few years including the US International Design for Excellence  Gold Award, the German Design Award and the Red Dot Design award.  In addition, TIME magazine named the umbrella one of the best inventions of 2007.


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