How To Measure

Step 1:  With hand extended flat, loosely loop measuring tape around the circumference at the knuckles.

Step 2:  Keeping measuring tape around the knuckles, make a fist with your hand.

Step 3:  Adjust tension to match how you prefer your gloves to fit. (looser for a baggier fit, tighter for a snugger fit).

Step 4:  Record circumference measurement in inches. Match size to chart below. The Sizing Charts below are a general approximation and can be used to assist in glove sizing.  When trying on gloves, to be sure a glove fits properly it should:

a) Fit at the base of the fingers
b) Fit comfortable over the extended thumb
c) Fit comfortably at the base of the thumb
d) Not become baggy when you flex your hand.

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