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Who says discount women's shoes collections offer only picked-over sizes and styles? Our astounding shoe clearance corner stocks a myriad of models and you won't be able to stop at just one pair. Cheap slippers, Mary Janes, lace up shoes, thong shoes and booties are all here, at ultra-tempting prices. Start with our on sale slippers, and work your way into a pair for work, and an evening out, too.

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Our discount women's shoes feature terrific finds, like our popular Earthroamer models. This shoe clearance also boasts popular moccasins, smart Mary Janes, and summer-friendly thong shoes that are much more comfortable and durable than flip-flops. For cheap slippers, we carry fun shaggy spa models, ballerina slips, and varieties of bootie slippers. Our on sale slippers are a highlight of the astounding and discounted selections we stock.

Just glance at our discount women's shoes, and you'll be amazed at the variety of popular styles and incredibly lowered prices. What's even better, the shoe clearance corner is a permanent fixture of our store, so you'll always have a place to shop when you're low on funds. Choose from dozens of cheap slippers, Mary Janes, thong shoes, and booties in many sizes. Our on sale slippers, for example, include lightweight ballerina slippers, and super-plush shaggy booties styles.