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Holiday Gift Umbrellas & Small Travel Umbrellas

Cute Handbag Umbrellas, Small ECO Umbrellas & Handbag Umbrellas

These small gift umbrellas easily fit into your handbag, making them the perfect travel umbrellas. The travel umbrellas include novelty umbrellas like our mistle tote design, and some are designed to be green. Our ECO umbrellas are made of 70% recycled materials so you'll stay dry and help the earth. The handbag umbrellas are lightweight, small and easy to carry anywhere you travel.

Gift umbrellas from totes are a great way to show friends, family, and even customers that you care. Our fun holiday gift umbrellas are compact and come with a great self matching case. Chose small travel umbrellas from totes for protection on trips without weighing down your luggage. Stock up on handbag gift umbrellas, including earth-friendly ECO umbrellas before the rainy season has hit full-force.

Gift umbrellas may look like a novelty, but they are fully functioning handbag umbrellas. The travel umbrellas feature cute mistletoe umbrellas and ECO umbrellas that are easy on the earth with 70% recycle materials.

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Gift umbrellas are both cute and highly functional handbag umbrellas that are easy to wrap and easy to use.

Give gift umbrellas to those who seem to always misplace theirs. These travel umbrellas are lightweight, easy to pop in your handbag and just plain cute. The handbag umbrellas make great gifts with novelty designs. Choose a mistle tote novelty umbrella for holiday fun. Or select the ECO umbrellas when you want to go green, with 70% coming from recycled material.

Gift umbrellas can be given anytime of year. Give travel umbrellas when friends are taking that long-deserved vacation. Or present handbag umbrellas to all your kids so they won't catch a cold in the rainy weather, even though you can't stop them from stomping through puddles. The ECO umbrellas are perfect for friends going hiking or camping. They'll love knowing they're covered with environmentally friendly travel umbrellas.

The lightweight gift umbrellas with totes may be small, but they pack a big punch of protection! Our holiday gift umbrellas are designed with a 38 inch canopy that keeps out the rain or the sun. Our small travel umbrellas are perfect for taking on short trips to the store or long trips around the world. These handbag gift umbrellas are even great for family trips during unpredictable weather forecasts.

Put a few gift umbrellas near the front door of your home and your office for a graceful gesture that guests and customers alike will love. Or give holiday gift umbrellas to your co-workers for those long runs through the parking lot. Totes' small travel umbrellas make it easy to shop for the hard-to-shop-for. With lightweight handbag gift umbrellas on hand, you'll never be caught in the rain.
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