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Slender umbrellas are perfect for busy professionals or college students. These slender folding umbrellas are so easy to carry, folding easily to fit into your handbag. These folding fashion umbrellas come in fun designs, too! Choose from animal print umbrellas, floral umbrellas and other print umbrellas that will brighten a dreary day.

The lightweight slender umbrellas from totes are a must-have accessory for anyone that spends a lot of time outside. Our slender folding umbrellas are perfect for quick trips, taking on a trip, or for a day of leisure with an iffy forecast. We've got folding fashion umbrellas that make it easy to enjoy your day without fearing the grey skies. Stock up on cute animal print umbrellas for you and the whole family.

Slender umbrellas are so convenient to pop into your bag for use anytime. These slender folding umbrellas provide full coverage, while taking up minimal space in your handbag.

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  • totes Slender Umbrella totes Slender Umbrellas Cute Small Folding Umbrellas, Designer Fashion Travel Umbrellas & Women's Printed Rain Umbrellas $16.00
    totes Slender Umbrella totes Slender Umbrella Women's Small Rain Umbrellas, Folding Travel Fashion Umbrellas & Cute Designer Print Umbrellas Small umbrellas in designer prints include our polka-dotted travel umbrellas that fold thin. These cute folding umbrellas provide a full size canopy, lightweight aluminum frame, and include a matching storage sleeve. $16.00 Shop Now
  • totes Black Slender 'brella Umbrella totes Black Slender 'brella Folding Umbrellas Lightweight Travel Rain Umbrellas, Men's Designer Fashion Umbrellas & Women’s Small Umbrellas $20.00
    totes Black Slender 'brella Umbrella totes Black Slender 'brella Folding Umbrellas Men's Classic Rain Umbrellas, Women's Designer Small Umbrellas & Traditional Fashion Umbrellas Buy rain umbrellas, like our slender designer umbrellas, which lightweight aluminum frames, elastic carrying straps and matching storage sleeves. Our small umbrellas are perfect for tucking away when they aren't in use, and come in a variety of colorful prints. $20.00 Shop Now
  • totes Crimson Slender 'brella Umbrella totes Crimson Slender 'brella Umbrellas Cute Fashion Rain Umbrellas, Designer Red Travel Umbrellas & Red Umbrellas for Men and Women $16.00
    totes Crimson Slender 'brella Umbrella totes Crimson Slender 'brella Umbrella Women's Small Rain Umbrellas, Men's Lightweight Travel Umbrellas & Cute Red Umbrellas Slender fashion folding rain umbrellas in crimson red are mini umbrellas with lightweight aluminum frames. Our small umbrellas are travel umbrellas that come with a matching storage sleeve. $16.00 Shop Now
  • totes Navy Slender 'brella Umbrella totes Navy Slender 'brella Small Folding Umbrellas Lightweight Folding Umbrellas, Men's Small Travel Umbrellas & Full Canopy Rain Umbrellas $20.00
    totes Navy Slender 'brella Umbrella totes Navy Slender 'brella Folding Travel Umbrellas Men's Small Folding Umbrellas, Folding Travel Umbrellas & Lightweight Rain Umbrellas for Men Pack small folding umbrellas such as totes Navy Slender 'brella Umbrella for your next trip when you need new travel umbrellas that easily pack and go. These traditional folding umbrellas provide a full size canopy umbrella that folds thin to slide into a travel bag or briefcase, making them ideal men's umbrellas. $20.00 Shop Now
  • totes Turquoise Slender 'brella Umbrella totes Turquoise Slender 'brella Umbrellas Designer Folding Umbrellas, Small Rain Umbrellas, Lightweight Canopy Umbrellas & Cute Umbrellas $20.00
    totes Turquoise Slender 'brella Umbrella totes Turquoise Slender 'brella Umbrella Folding Canopy Umbrellas, Lightweight Rain Umbrellas & Cute Small Designer Umbrellas Slender Fashion Folding Umbrellas in turquoise are small umbrellas that are big on convenience and style. These rain umbrellas with an elastic carrying strap on the handle are designer umbrellas with a lightweight aluminum frame. $20.00 Shop Now

Slender umbrellas keep you covered but don't take up a lot of space, for must-have folding fashion umbrellas.

With slender umbrellas, you never have to worry about dragging along a big umbrella on days it might rain. These slender folding umbrellas easily fold thin to slide into a handbag or purse. But these mini folding fashion umbrellas still provide full coverage for the downpour. These slender umbrellas also feature designer prints sure to brighten the dreary day.

These slender umbrellas come in fun colors and prints. Choose animal print umbrellas, floral print umbrellas, zebra and leopard skin print umbrellas, and other fun designs that you'll love. The folding fashion umbrellas include a carrying strap and handle, and a storage sleeve. Buy one or many slender folding umbrellas for every bag you own - so you'll always be covered when it starts to rain.

Having a slender umbrella in the car and in your bag is a great way to stay protected at a moments notices. The slender folding umbrellas from totes make it easy to stay dry when storms show up unannounced. Our folding fashion umbrellas also make a great gift to friends and family, or to keep on hand at the office for clients and customers. Our animal print umbrellas are a pretty and must-have accessory wherever you go.

With compact and slender umbrellas in your bag, nature will never catch you unawares. Our slender folding umbrellas make for great travel accessories whether the day is filled with rain or shine. Totes' folding fashion umbrellas help to block out the rain and minimize sun exposure on hot days. Pack up our animal print umbrellas the next time you head outside for any reason.
Products 1 - 5 of 5