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Mini umbrellas are perfect for anyone who doesn't want the hassle of a more traditional big umbrella. The travel umbrellas easily fold up and pop into your bag, while still providing maximum protection. These small umbrellas are so convenient you'll want to have one for every bag you own. And never worry with folding umbrellas from totes. These cute mini umbrellas are made tough to protect you from the elements.

The mini umbrellas from totes are great for leisurely strolls, a day of running errands, or for trips near and far. Our travel umbrellas don't add much weight to your belongings but give you plenty of protection when the rain pours. These cute and small umbrellas come in plenty of designer prints such as floral or animal prints. Grab plenty of folding umbrellas for you and the entire family.

Designer mini umbrellas come in delightful prints, from floral to animal prints. Easily pack these travel umbrellas for a trip across the world, or across town.

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Cute mini umbrellas easily fit in your bag while still providing maximum protection, for must-have folding umbrellas.

Always have mini umbrellas from totes on hand. These travel umbrellas fit so easily into your carry-on bag or your handbag, you'll be happy you don't have to fumble with a big traditional umbrella. The small umbrellas are also so cute with all their fun designs. Choose from stripe umbrellas, floral umbrellas, umbrellas with animal prints - and, yes, more subtle one-color rain umbrellas.

totes folding mini umbrellas may look small but they provide full coverage so you never have to worry. The travel umbrellas are also designed to be tough so you'll have them for many rainy seasons to come. So reliable, these small umbrellas are must-have for anyone in the family. Buy these designer folding umbrellas for every bag you own so you'll never be left out in the rain without cover!

Our mini umbrellas make a great addition to your daily accessories without weighing you down. The travel umbrellas are the perfect size for taking with you on short trips to the grocery store or long trips around the world. These small umbrellas from totes will fit right in no matter where your day takes up. Rely on folding umbrellas to keep you dry and comfortable when skies are gloomy and grey.

Stock up on mini umbrellas for yourself and the whole family before the rainy season arrives. Keep our fun travel umbrellas in the car, in your bag, and anywhere else that you can reach when in need. These small umbrellas are perfect for children too! The folding umbrellas small size makes it easy for little ones to hold onto - so grab a couple for the kids!
Products 1 - 4 of 4