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Mini Umbrellas, Small Folding Umbrellas & Designer Floral Umbrellas

Folding mini umbrellas are easy to carry, but offer the same protection as our larger designer umbrellas. The small auto open umbrellas come in bright styles that mean you'll never get lost in a crowd. These travel umbrellas feature cute stripe and floral designs, as well as animal prints. With folding umbrellas, you'll always stay dry on rainy days.

The mini umbrellas from totes perfectly fit in cars, gym bags, purses, and briefcases for coverage that goes with you everywhere. Our cute and small auto open umbrellas are tiny enough for a child to handle yet still have a large canopy for protection. Totes' travel umbrellas are great for all sorts of trips, long and short. Don't pass up folding umbrellas when you plan your next outing.

Cute mini umbrellas offer the same quality and fun colors as our larger rain umbrellas. These small auto open umbrellas are also easy to pop up when the rain starts.

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Cute mini umbrellas come in stripes, floral designs and animal prints, for small auto open umbrellas you can take anywhere you travel.

Folding mini umbrellas are easy to carry and so very cute. The small auto open umbrellas come in a variety of designs. Choose travel umbrellas in bright floral styles. Or grab folding umbrellas in animal prints or bold stripes.

These designer mini umbrellas won't keep the rain away but will keep you dry when the rain hits. The mini auto open umbrellas will pack easily in your bag so you're sure to be protected anytime the skies cloud up. Perfect travel umbrellas, they also come in handy on trips from home to work or school, too. Buying mini folding travel umbrellas from totes means we've always got you covered!

Mini umbrellas from totes are just what you need on hand to head out the door with confidence each day. Our small auto open umbrellas are more reliable than the weatherman. And having a travel umbrella in your bag means totes has you covered no matter what the weather. Put cute folding umbrellas in the car, in the entry way, and even at the office for coverage everywhere you spend your time.

Fun mini umbrellas are perfect for kids as well - their small size makes them easy to handle and to carry. The small auto open umbrellas are quickly transformed from compact to a full canopy before the rain has time to soak in. Stock up on cute travel umbrellas for yourself and the whole family. With the best folding umbrellas from totes over your head, every rainy day has a silver lining!
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