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Dress them in kid's raincoats from totes, and you'll make sure they stay dry. These children's raincoats come in many styles and colors that kids will love. Kid's rain slickers are designed with water-repellant material and lining for extra comfort. Getting kid's rainwear on and off is a breeze too with just a couple of buttons, for children's rainwear everyone will love.

Kid's raincoats offer unsurpassed weather protection whether your kids are commuting too and from school, or playing in the puddles. Our children's raincoats are lined with soft and adorable plaid fabric that keep your children warm, as well as, dry. With kid's rain slickers, rain boots, umbrellas and rain hats, your children are well-protected from the elements. Children's rain slickers are lightweight and convenient enough to stow away for times when they need it most.

Our kid's raincoats are made durable so your kids are always covered. These children's raincoats are water-repellant and lined for extra comfort as your kids skip through the puddles.

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Kid's raincoats come in fun colors that are easy to slip on when the kids are running out the door.

Kid's raincoats are designed to keep your kids covered as the skies cloud over. These children's raincoats are created with water-repellant vinyl and other materials that will keep them dry as they traipse off to school. Slip these kid's rain slickers easily on your kids, with just a couple buttons on our rain slickers. Our children's rain slickers come in many fun colors your kids will love.

Our kid's raincoats also offer lining to keep them comfortable. These lined raincoats for kids are must-have for outdoor fun of any kind. Dress your kids in these children's rain slickers as they go out to play or run off to the school bus. Our kid's rain jackets are lightweight and have handy pockets, for must-have kid's rain slickers.

Keep kid's raincoats close at hand for unparalleled rain protection in a moment's notice. Our children's raincoats provide easy style and comfortable fit so kids can layer lined rain jackets over their everyday clothes. Our kid's rain slickers also offer oversized outer pockets so they can store valuable belongings or other rain accessories from totes. Kids love children's rain slickers that keep them warm and dry on even the soggiest of days.

Kid's raincoats from totes are the favorites of parents too. With children's raincoats, moms and dads know that their children are protected rain or shine. These kid's rain slickers fit easily over clothing, button up snug for better fit, and are made with the highest quality water-repellant fabrics. Parents are confident that children's rain slickers protect their kids from both cold and wet weather conditions and stow-away easily when the sun comes back out.
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