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Nightlighter LED Hat, Baseball Cap Night Light

Nightlighter LED Hat, LED Baseball Cap, Light Baseball Hat

The LED nightlight hat is both fashionable and clever, because anyone can use a hands-free flashlight. This light hat features powerful LEDs in the brim, which provide over 25 hours of light on one battery charge. Bright and long-lasting, the LED light hat is perfect for people who enjoy running or biking at night. It makes a great gift for him or her, and non-athletes will appreciate this LED light hat when performing odd-jobs around the house.

Let your LED nightlight hat light the way. Our light hat is convenient not only for low-light sporting activities, but also for taking care of business. Our LED light hat comes in twill, microfiber and camo-style designs. The perfect gift for him and for her, get a light baseball hat for all the athletes in your life.

An LED nightlight hat lets you see in the dark while keeping your hands free. This LED light hat is great for athletes as well as DIY-types.

Our LED nightlight hat is a bright idea for anyone who works in the dark.

Put on our LED nightlight hat when you need a light in the darkness but want to keep your hands free. The practical light hat provides a beam of light that illuminates up to 40 feet. Our LED light hat looks better than a mining headlamp while providing the same functionality, so you'll actually like wearing this light baseball hat. Make this hat a gift for him or a gift for her, and you're certain to delight the recipient. With a light baseball cap, you don't have to worry about getting left in the dark.

An LED nightlight hat has many uses, both in and outside of your home. Wear the light hat when you walk the dog at night to be visible while keeping a good grip on the leash. The LED light hat is also great for runners or bikers who enjoy evening workouts. Grill chefs enjoy the light baseball cap, too, as do those who perform work around the house that requires extra lighting and both hands. With the LED light baseball hat as gift for him or her, you simply can't go wrong.

An LED nightlight hat provides low-light safety to outdoor athletes. Our light hat is an innovative item that also provides convenience for working in tight, dark spaces. Choose an LED light hat in our classic white twill style. Or give this gift for him in our cool camo style for the outdoorsman in your life.

Let this LED nightlight hat light the way whether you are at work or at play. You'll love our light hat for its hands-free convenience and the safety athletes can depend on from a light baseball hat. Charge our LED light hat for over 25 hours of illumination. Give this essential gift for him or unique gift for her, and give both safety and convenience in one versatile light baseball hat.