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Windstopper Gloves & Convertible Gloves, Running Mittens

Look to the running gloves collection at Manzella for hand protection that's warm, breathable, and comfortable. Our running mittens are crafted to fit snugly, and include styles made of four-way stretch fabric for added dexterity. Our collection features Windstopper gloves, which are high-performance aerobic gloves, and these are available for both men and women. Convertible gloves change from a glove to a mitten for quick and convenient extra warmth.

Our running gloves are made of durable fabrics like polyester, Lycra, and fleece. Find running mittens that offer even more insulation and protection, including models that are particularly wind-resistant. Some of our Windstopper gloves feature a 360-degree reflective surface. Convertible gloves can include a breathable PU film to help deflect wind.

Find running gloves in a wide range of styles of colors, including black and tie dye running gloves. Our running mittens include features that help repel wind.

Choose running gloves like our convertible gloves for their versatility, convenience, warmth, and breathability.

For running gloves in a wide assortment of styles, tap into the large running gloves section at Manzella because our collection of these vital hand warmers spans many styles and colors. Our running mittens and running gloves include models in black, blue, and we even have running gloves and mittens that are tie dye. Windstopper gloves are a smart buy because they're high-performance aerobic gloves. Our inventory also includes convertible gloves, and be sure to look into our running hats and running headbands for additional warmth during chilly winter jogs.

Our running gloves are made of durable materials, and are built to last you season after season. Some running mittens and running gloves feature shells with three layers of super-warm Gore-Tex . The palms of these Windstopper gloves are crafted with a digital grid reflective rubber print, too. Our convertible gloves offer a special PU film which helps to repel wind.

Our running gloves collection includes running mittens which provide full comfort to hands and fingers. Running mittens include styles that come with added insulation, making them excellent protection during especially cold runs. Like our Windstopper gloves, some mittens are reflective, detailed with a reflective logo for added visibility on the road. Along with convertible gloves, runners will appreciate gloves from our Max-10 series, which are made of tough, but lightweight polyester and Lycra.

Choose running gloves like our Windstopper model gloves for their wide comfort range. Unlike our running mittens, these running gloves feature a full 360-degree reflection. Windstopper gloves also come with handy hidden swipe card pockets, so credit cards and gym membership cards are close at hand. Pick convertible gloves because these versatile gloves change into mittens, providing quick and easy extra warmth.