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Winter Gloves & Mittens

Kids Snow Mittens, Snow Gloves & Fleece Gloves

Find juniors' gloves and mittens in a variety of styles and materials at totes. Look for winter gloves offering enhanced warmth from a deep synthetic down and a quilted outer shell. Besides many black winter mittens and gloves, we have sporty kids' gloves in colors like red, pink and blue. For snow gloves with an exceptional fit, try our four-way stretch fleece gloves.

Our juniors' gloves offer cold-weather protection for outdoor sports and everyday wear. Try our winter gloves that offer cinching, drawstring pulls or Velco straps to block out wind and snow. Along with winter mittens and gloves, we offer winter hats of the balaclava type to keep the head and neck protected from the cold. You'll love that our snow gloves and balaclavas offer an advanced fit for superior comfort.

From juniors' gloves to winter mittens, we have the gear to keep hands warm. Our winter gloves and mittens offer handy features like well-fitting cuffs to block out the snow and wind.

Our juniors' gloves and winter mittens - whether fleece gloves or soft-shell snow mittens - are designed with junior-sized hands in mind.

Search the juniors' gloves at totes when you want kids' gloves that offer warmth and protection. The winter gloves we offer include durable, soft-shell ski gloves, some even designed with a reinforced grip. Look for winter mittens that protect against the cold and are water resistant. And, when you want snow gloves that are more than water-resistant gloves, try our waterproof snow gloves.

Find juniors' gloves for skiing that are warm, waterproof and breathable, giving your kids full cold and wet protection. Our soft-shell winter gloves provide the fit and performance to stay active in the coldest conditions. If you prefer winter mittens, pick kids' mittens that protect young hands while still being comfortable and roomy. We offer the snow gloves and mittens needed for comfortable hands on even the coldest days.

Shop for specialty juniors' gloves, and discover our convertible glove/mitten for bow hunting. These specialty winter gloves convert instantly from mitten to half-finger glove, offer a bow-release collar and have a heat-pack pocket. For skiing, wear winter mittens like our soft-shell ski mittens. Find knit snow gloves that can work as moisture-wicking liners or kids' gloves on their own.

Our juniors' gloves keep the cold and the wet out, allowing the comfort needed for hours of outdoor fun. Find that we have winter gloves that are breathable gloves that won't leave hands clammy or sweaty. When you want snow mittens that can handle rugged play, try our mittens with ripstop durability. Besides soft-shell snow gloves, we offer knit winter gloves made of polyester and lycra that are breathable and nonrestrictive kids' gloves.