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Women's Booties Slippers & Winter Fleece Boot Slippers

Winter Booties Slippers, Knit Boot Slippers & Women's Slippers

Women's booties slippers from totes will knock your socks off with their brilliant colors. Try boot slippers in turquoise or lilac, or branch out with strawberry or cranberry. Knit boot slippers are cushioned for extra comfort and lined for extra warmth. Don't miss these women's fleece boot slippers for foot wear that fits like a glove!

Women's booties slippers aren't just about colors and looks though. Our boot slippers and simple slippers are made with a variety comfortable materials to fit your preferences. Knit boot slippers and other foot wear items from ISOTONER use premium fabrics such as ComfortSoft and Sherpa to keep your feet toasty. So stock up on women's fleece boot slippers for great feeling feet!

Our women's booties slippers not only look great, but they're also cushy and warm. Choose boot slippers in the amazing ComfortSoft fabric, or in chic microsuede.

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Women's booties slippers are the softest, toastiest foot wear you'll find anywhere in the world.

Women's booties slippers by totes come in a rainbow of colors. You'll find boot slippers in quiet tones like ivory, or lively hues including turquoise and cranberry. These knit boot slippers offer extra versatility with their indoor/outdoor sole. Women's fleece boot slippers - the finest casual footwear you can find - feature ComfortSole fabric or microsuede on these fabulous slipper sox.

Our women's booties slippers pamper your feet in sheer comfort. These boot slippers feature SherpaSoft material that lines the insole, shaft and cuff. Once you put on the fabulous knit boot slippers, you won't want to change back into shoes. The simple slippers by totes look great, too, with details like woven, edgestitch trim.

When choosing women's booties slippers to cover your feet, it's all about the comfort. Our boot slippers give your toes plenty of room to relax without compromising the legendary fit that ISOTONER in known for. Knit boot slippers that fit your life and your feet are hard to come by. But not when you pick women's fleece boot slippers from ISOTONER.

With women's booties slippers, slipper sox, and other foot wear from ISOTONER in your collection, you'll never have to sacrifice style or comfort. Boot slippers make it easy to take a quick trip outside or just keep your toes warm while lounging around the house. Don't wait to grab knit boot slippers this season. Pick up women's fleece boot slippers and plenty of casual footwear for all the ladies in your life.
Products 1 - 3 of 3