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Women's Classic Slippers & Best Winter Slippers

Winter Fleece Slippers, Women's Clogs & Satin Ballerina Slippers

Classic slippers come in styles including women's clog slippers and women's ballerina slippers. So with women's winter slippers, there is a model to fit every taste for knit winter slippers and women's knit slippers. Step into women's plush lined winter slippers, and experience the lushness built into every pair of women's winter clog slippers and women's winter ballerina slippers. Women's classic satin ballerina slippers put your feet in the spotlight.

ISOTONER classic slippers come in a wide variety or colors, fabrics, and patterns that will fit every personality. Our women's clog slippers use fabrics such as satin and micro-terry to keep your feet feeling pampered. These fancy women's ballerina slippers also use quilted, embroidered, and even rhinestone covered fabrics to add a little pizazz to your casual wardrobe. But these women's winter slippers are great for going out too - so grab a few pairs!

Classic slippers come in styles that will have your feet on their toes, including women's ballerina slippers. Or, choose women's clog slippers for women's winter slippers.

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Classic slippers including our ballerina slippers will lift you up when you are feeling down.

Classic slippers will fit your style, whether you prefer women's clog slippers or tend to dance toward the more delicate women's ballerina slippers. When you wear women's winter slippers, your feet will be treated to features such as soft micro terry inside and out and cushioned insoles in knit winter slippers and women's knit slippers. In our women's ballerina slippers, you'll be breezing through the day on your toes. Our other women's winter slippers are equally lightweight while lined with warmth.

When women's plush lined winter slippers come with names such as PillowStep and features such as the SecretSole, you know your feet are in for a good time. Slip into our women's winter clog slippers and women's winter ballerina slippers for a twirl around your house or a trip out to get the mail. Our women's classic satin ballerina slippers will treat your feet like they belong to a leading lady. These women's winter slippers rewrite the script on winter warmth.

ISOTONER classic slippers come in a plethora of colors and designs - so many that you might want to stock up with more than one pair. Satin covered women's clog slippers come in colors from simple black or white to beautiful pink. These women's ballerina slippers are beautiful and comfortable enough to wear out on the dance floor. On top of that, women's winter slippers form to your soles for an extra comfy fit.

With classic slippers in so many styles from women's knit slippers to women's winter clogs, you'd think that's all ISOTONER sold! But our women's clog slippers and women's winter slippers are just the starting point. Our women's ballerina slippers and other women's knit slippers offer up a legendary fit and unsurpassed comfort that are standard for all ISOTONER classic slippers. Slip into women's winter slippers and feel your own little slice of slipper heaven.
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