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Women's Slipper Socks & Wool Slipper Socks

Women's Wool Slipper Socks, Leg Warmers & Sock Slippers

Shop for women's slipper socks by Acorn, and protect your feet all winter long. Our wool slipper socks are featured in a ragg wool-blend or hypoallergenic cotton for more sensitive skin. Sock slippers, leg warmers and other casual foot wear also feature original and proprietary fabrics, perfect for any personality. And Acorn leg warmers offer additional outdoor protection of the lower leg, with a quick-drying comfort fleece fabric.

Acorn women's slipper socks, leg warmers and other casual foot wear are the perfect way to protect your feet from the cold. Wool slipper socks and microfleece sock slippers are designed to wick moisture from your skin and prevent odor.

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With Acorn women's slipper socks, protect your feet with ragg wool-blends or hypoallergenic cotton styles to stay warm all winter long.

Women's slipper socks are perfect for cold winter nights. High quality wool slipper socks feature a ragg wool-blend fabric, Acorn memory-foam midsole and a comfortable layer of featherweight EVA. These sock slippers are also available in a hypoallergenic cotton for sensitive feet. Other foot wear styles feature hand-stitched suede soles for even greater comfort and durability. Casual footwear has never been more attractive or more functional.

In addition to women's slipper socks, other sock slippers are available in original and proprietary microfleece fabrics. While wool slipper socks are perfect for indoor wear, leg warmers are best for those days when your lower legs need a little more protection from the elements. Both our sock slippers, like VERSAfit socks for women and our leg warmers, are made with hydrophobic, breathable fleece fibers, for quick wicking of moisture and for preventing odor. For the top name in functional foot wear, shop for Acorn slipper sox, the SHERPA slipper-like boot shoe, fleece leg warmers, traditional slippers and more.
Products 1 - 3 of 3