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Men's Slipper Socks & Winter Wool Slipper Socks

Men's Sock Slippers, Wool Slipper Socks & Memory Foam Slippers

Shop for men's slipper socks from Acorn in an array of colors, patterns and styles. Hypoallergenic cotton and wool slipper socks are made with high-tech materials to prevent odor and wick moisture. These memory foam slippers also feature a midsole of featherweight EVA for added comfort. Acorn's Men's slipper socks and slippers have been comforting the feet of astronauts since 1982, which means they are comfortable and durable enough for your feet too.

Our men's slipper socks are versatile winter wear that work with your casual pants, or sweats at home. With our wool slipper socks, you're guaranteed warmth all day, even in the office. Choose memory foam slippers for their contoured, personalized fit. Along with men's sock slippers, be sure to investigate our microfleece VERSAFIT socks which offer the ultimate in fit, form, and function.

Men's slipper socks and microfleece VERSAFIT socks are high quality foot wear from Acorn. These wool slipper socks and hypoallergenic cotton styles are designed specifically for moisture wicking and odor prevention.

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Choose Acorn's men's slipper socks for maximum comfort, durability and versatility.

Exclusive men's slipper socks from Acorn are available in Merino-wool and hypallergenic cotton styles. Both our wool slipper socks and cotton versions feature a memory-foam midsole over a comfort cushion layer of featherweight EVA. These memory foam slippers also offer full-grain leather sidewalls and suede leather outsoles for increased durability. Acorn's men's sock slippers and microfleece slipper socks are second to none, as they have been comforting the feet of astronauts since 1982.

For indoor use, choose men's slipper socks as your go-to foot wear. These cold-weather wool slipper socks and VERSAFIT men's sock slippers are made with high quality materials for maximum comfort, fit and durability. Wool and cotton memory foam slippers styles showcase the classic comfort sole construction. Our men's sock slippers feature original and proprietary fabrics.

Our men's slipper socks come in warm colors that will brighten those cloudy fall and winter days. Choose wool slipper socks in hues such as Red Ragg Wool, Grey Ragg Wool, and Grey Cotton Twist. Along with memory foam slippers in the colors you want, our collection also includes VERSAFIT socks in bright tones, like Berry Heather, Blue Heather, and Icelandic Blue. After buying men's sock slippers, select VERSAFIT socks in bold prints from fun paisley to wild dots.

Our men's slipper socks are the perfect way to kick off fall, and make a smart treat for yourself. Consider giving wool slipper socks for birthdays, anniversaries, or Father's Day, too. Find packs of memory foam slippers and give a pair to all of your sons, or other men in your family. Men's sock slippers are a unique and unexpected joy any guy will appreciate.
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