Glossary of Materials and Terms


Knit lining; good warmth and inexpensive.

Automatic Close

The function of an umbrella which enables the user to close the canopy of the umbrella by the push of a button on the handle.

Automatic Open

The function of an umbrella which enables the user to open the umbrella by the push of a button on the handle.


A ballet-style flat slipper.

Bamboo Blend

A natural textile made from the pulp of the bamboo grass.

Big Top

totes folding golf-size umbrella.


Soft, cozy slipper that covers the ankle.

Brushed Microfiber

Synthetic, polyester fabric that mimics pig suede.

Brushed Shearling

Polyester; super soft, plush fabric with a fuzzy texture.


A style of a stick umbrella, usually made from a see through material with the canopy in the shape of a dome.


Luxurious natural fiber yarn (natural beige color).

Cashmere Blend

Cashmere and lambswool blend.


Rayon acrylic yarn that is sheared for a velvety, plush finish.


Weather products made by totes for inclement weater, including footwear and umbrellas.


ISOTONER’s wider width sole.

Classic Comfort

The very heart of Acorn. Core classics slippers in five segments: All Day, Inspired, At Home, Great Gifts, and Heritage.


Umbrella with a handy sleeve or umbrella pouch that contains a clip.


A slipper style with a closed toe and an open back.


100% Polyester material made with a plush softness and sleek fit. 

Comfort To-Go

Acorn. From inside to outside and back – easygoing style with true shoe performance. Transitional styles using shoe construction and performance sole materials.


Made of cotton or a cotton blend that is woven to resemble a cord pattern.


Made from the cotton plant; breathable and machine washable.

Eco 'brella

totes umbrella line made of 70% recycled materials.


ISOTONER cold weather line made of recycled materials.

Faux Fur

Acrylic; natural plush look with a soft, fuzzy feel.


Soft napped fabric that can be used as outer shell or inner lining; 100% polyester.


ISOTONER clog slippers which have a strap that can be worn around the back of the ankle.

Gift Umbrella

Small umbrella packaged in a gift box for easy gift-giving.


The circumference of a shoe measured around the ball of the foot.

Golf Stick

Umbrella that remains the same length when opened and closed, has a rubber handle.


A breathable membrane that blocks moisture from the outside of a glove while allowing moisture on the inside to evaporate.

Gore-Tex® Gloves with X-TRAFIT®

Made with a patented construction technique where the liner and insert are permanently bonded together... The outcome is a great fitting, waterproof and breathable glove with optimum grip, dexterity, and comfort.


Kid’s umbrella, made with kid friendly materials.


From Manzella; a waterproof, breathable, and windproof glove insert that prevents water and wind from penetrating while allowing moisture to evaporate, keeping your hands warm and dry.


A lining that runs the full length of the inside of the shoe.


The upper, center section of the foot, between the toes and ankles.

Iridescent Velour

Velour with a luxury sheen.


4 way stretch nylon with LYCRA® fiber.

Kids Comfort

Acorn. Comfy, cozy, and cute – crafter for comfort, designed for fun. Fresh novelty, classics mocs, easy booties, etc.


The inside material of a shoe.


A slip-on slipper.

Luxe Touch

Soft, luxurious lining with a sleek fit made of 100% polyester.

Memory Foam

ISOTONER sole lining that remembers the shape of the foot.

Micro 'brella

Small umbrella designed for sudden showers, may fit is small spaces for travel and everyday use.


Fine denier (thin) yarns that produce a very soft fabric with a velvety finish.


Glossy pile fabric that offers warmth and feels soft and silky to the touch.


Polyester; has a smooth finish and a soft hand feel.


Polyester/Nylon blend offers good warmth plus wicks moisture away from skin to help keep hands dry.

Mossy Oak®

Mossy Oak® Camo Patterns feature unprecedented depth, unequalled detail, and elements with remarkable contrast: New Break-Up®, Treestand®, Obsession®, and BreakUp Infinity™.

Nappa Leather

Drum dyed “naked” leather without pigment (spray). Good quality, measured in the softness and texture of skin. Grain is coarser with more blemishes than Métis.


The bottom outer sole of a slipper.

Pig Suede

Fine buffing of the back of the leather separates the fibers to create a fine velvety surface nap.


Thick, plush lining; very good warmth.


ISOTONER sole featuring incredible softness and support which cushions every step.

Polartec® Power Stretch®

Heavy duty, nylon-faced 4 -way compression with with a Polartec® fleece back for moisture management.

Polartec® Wind Pro®

A wind-resistant, high density polyester fleece with a Sherpa pile that traps warm air next to your skin.


Insulation products offer superiro performance for high quality cold-weather gear. Lightweight, breathable and proven to repel water better than any other synthetic or natural insulation.


There's no better way to blend in to your surroundings than by wearing Realtree® camo, no matter where you hunt or enjoy the outdoors. Realtree® is the home of world's most versatile camo patterns: All Purpose® and Advantage Max-4®.

Secret Sole

ISOTONER sole providing unequaled support for the natural contours of the foot, including toe and arch support.

Shaft Height

Shaft height of boots are measured from middle of the arch up the inside of the boot to the top of the boot shaft.

Shaft Width

The width of boots are measured at the opening of the boot.


100% Polyester material with a shearling look, but a super soft hand feel.

Silky Plush

100% Polyester material with a plush, silky hand feel.

Slender 'brella

Small, lightweight umbrella that is convenient to carry with you.


A slipper with an open back and open toe area.


A flat shoe that is easily slipped on, usually meant for indoor wear and lined for comfort and warmth.


ISOTONER. Gloves with conductive threads on the forefinger and thumb, which convey electrical impulses. Allows you to use any touchscreen device without removing your gloves.

Soft Berber

Polyester; soft feel with the durability of berber fabrics.


The bottom part of the slipper.

Spa Comfort

Acorn. Perfect pampering at its best – comfort with a softer side. For bed and bath. Signature spa terry in best selling styles and colors, and extended sizes, widths.


Umbrella that remains the same length when opened and closed, has a curved handle.


totes Umbrellas made for storms – super strong and dependable, with a vented canopy.

Stretch Fleece

A unique combination of LYCRA® spandex and polyester fleece; water repellent.

Studio Comfort

Acorn. Our artisan side – simple luxury, smart style, original detail. Comfort and craft that calls to the senses – luxe materials, original detail, sleeker silhouettes.


totes umbrella line containing UPF 50+ sun protection which blocks 98% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation

Super Dome

totes folding golf-size umbrella.


Cotton or linen, this fabric has a moisture-absorbing surface.


Warmth without bulk, lightweight insulating material by INVISTA.


Lightweight, insulating fabric made by 3M.

Thinsulate™ Supreme

Thinsulate fiber with coating for a soft, silky feel.


A slipper with a strap that connects the sole between the toes and the sides of the foot.


totes Slipper socks designed with tread on the bottom for warm and safe movement.


From Manzella; touch screen compatibility.

Ultra Plush™

Luxurious polyester fabric with a silky softness and sleek fit.


The upper part of the slipper, not including the sole.


The front part of the slipper upper that covers the toes and part of the foot.


Rich, luxe, velvety fabric with a soft, dry hand feel.


Acorn. Socks to fit your life – original, fun, and oh-so comfortable. Fun and original prints, improved fit, and the ONLY choice in the market.

Warm Touch

100% polyester brushed lining provides warmth without bulk.

Water Resistant Leather

Smooth leather that is treated for water resistance in the tanning process so water rolls off. But if it gets damp, dries soft and supple.


Wellington; a style of boots that are pulled on, often made of rubber for adverse weather.


Windstopper® fabric protects you from windchill by blocking the wind. The pores in the Windstopper® membrane are too small for the wind to pass through. Because the wind can't penetrate clothing, your body remains warm and protected.


ISOTONER slippers made with faux sued and faux fur, with decorative stitching.

X-STATIC® The Silver Fiber®

Has a layer of pure silver bonded to the surface of a textile fiber. This silver fiber is then knit or woven into a textil fabric. X-STATIC® is antimicrobial, inhibiting bacterial growth in the textiles. It also dissipates static build-up, resulting in more comfortable, static-free garments.